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Coming June 10, 2021.

Episode 2 of the kinetic visual novel series, "Spare Parts."

After a bizarre first week at her new job, Lucy's finally ready to start settling into a routine. But it's been a while since the store was completely sold out, and it doesn't seem like Unit 01 has a plan for the future of their business. But a lack of creativity isn't the only problem.

As Unit 03 is given a tiny bit more freedom, Unit 01 struggles to process all kinds of new thoughts, and Lucy has to find some way to navigate the complicated relationship between the two. Not to mention the increasingly-obvious fact that Unit 02 hates her guts. As more and more complications reveal themselves, Lucy slowly begins to wonder whether she'll be able to see her promise through...or if she'll continue to run away.

The continuation of a story about the ways we are programmed to feel, and the risk we take in sharing our heart with another.

103k words, ~8-9 hours long.

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Release date Jun 10, 2021
AuthorSophie Rose
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsFemale Protagonist, LGBT, renpy, Robots, Story Rich, Transgender
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksSteam, Homepage, Patreon, Twitter


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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After binging both episodes, I can say I can't wait for ep 3! I'm in love with all the characters and how different they all are yet have their own connections to each other. The story so far is very intriguing and definitely kept me interested (even when it started to get super tension-heavy and stressful, I loved the writing) Also the jokes only got better, especially this S.P. Radio

Happy to have my money go towards such a creative project that has love put into it ^^ 


Finally finished! I loved the first episode, but the tone and themes explored in this episode go much beyond the first and it was sooo well done! I don't want to spoil the game in the comments so the most I am going to say is I am proud of our orange haired gal. <3

Looking forward to episode 3, please take your time~


This was really good!

I'm trying to use this on a mac and opening the app brings up something saying I don't have permission to access it? I brought up the permissions and it seemed perfectly fine so, I don't know? Do you know anything about why that might happen?

hey, sorry it took a while! i looked into it and might have found something wrong i did on my end, so i reuploaded the mac build as "Spapa2-1.0-mac-testfix.zip" with that mistake corrected.  try downloading that version and let me know if it still gives you problems! sorry for the trouble!

Oh it didn't take long at all! Thank you so much for getting on it so fast! I'm sorry to say though... it still has the same problem... There's no need to apologize and I'm sorry that it's still not working!!!

ah, weird... okay, i'll do some more looking into it when i get home tonight


I will need to remember to read episode 3 over a weekend, I had a couple days here where I was distracted at work worrying about everyone in this!!!!

still love every single one of these characters, and the relentless gentleness and kindness of this story. There is real skill in the way everyone’s perspectives and motivations are interwoven to construct a story with multiple building tensions, that can still provide real catharsis and resolution at the right times.


This game was amazing?????? Genuinely enraptured by the world in characters and I think about the music CONSTANTLY!!!! Thank you for such a great vn!!!!!!!!!!!!


Okay I need to stop playing this late into the night but it's sucking me in like nothing else has in ages. There's so, so, so much in here that's speaking to me. and not to spoil, but, Lucy and 03, out shopping, straight punch to the gutThat could not have hit closer to home, and, it took a lot of guts to write. So uh, thanks. It's beautiful, they're all beautiful. *cries like a gay robot*


The gay robots are back! Today is a good day. 


Omg there's gonna be feels